LED vs. HID, what is the distinction between ballast and driver?

If you're seeking the most effective as well as brightest light bulb upgrades for your fronts lights as well as fog lights in your automobile vehicle.

  • Opportunities are you have actually obtained a halogen light bulb like this and also you're puzzled on if you want to do HID or LED in what's best.

As you can see, we have more than 33 different LED and also HID front lights light bulb alternatives and also they're all offered for purchase on the market today.

We're gonna break down the distinctions between them with, connector style and technology. we're likewise gonna do some real-time images showing you exactly how the different light bulbs work in various headlight housings.


Now everybody already learns about a HID conversion kit. You've got your halogen substitute: HID light bulb, the adapter wiring, and it mosts likely to a ballast. Now the ballast is quite large, they're hefty, they occupy a lot of room.

And if you're installing reduced beam of lights, high light beams as well as fog lights on one car, you actually got to prepare this out. Currently the ballast is this huge since it's actually a rather intricate piece of equipment.


You take your 12 volts DC and it converts it to a high voltage AC ignition cycle to start the HID bulb. And afterwards it transforms to an operating DC voltage to maintain the light bulb going and besides that it additionally has actually security attributes integrated in, it has canbus integration attributes built in.


The ballast does a great deal not just keep the light bulb going. When you check out an LED 12 volt led car lights front lights bulb, a minimum of the latest styles, you still have some kind of a box in line and it's not a ballast. Completely different innovation. Generally, what you're checking out here is a constant current vehicle driver, it takes your 12 to 24 volts DC or your 8 to 16 volts DC and it transforms it to whatever voltage the LED light bulb needs to run.


Chances are this light bulb itself does not run at 12 volts DC, it operates at a different DC degree, and also this box is what keeps it at that degree. Currently if you look at a few of the earlier LED headlight light bulbs, you see that they were quite complicated. It resembles an HID set, yet on the bulb, it is an LED.